Accessing Journals

Use your Research Network Membership to access Journals online

Step-by-Step Guide

Your Conference Registration or research network membership offers you access to the journal, read this step by step guide to learn how to access these journals.

Step One:

First, navigate to the bookstore related to the research networkyou are a member of using the links below. Selecting a link will open the bookstore in a new window:

Arts in SocietyBooks & PublishingClimate ChangeDiversityGlobal Studies
Interdisciplinary Social SciencesAging & SocietyTourism and Leisure StudiesThe Learner
OrganizationReligion in SocietyFood StudiesCommunication & Mediae-Learning
Sport & SocietySustainabilityTechnology, Knowledge and SocietyConstructed EnvironmentHealth & Wellness
The ImageScience in SocietyThe Inclusive MuseumSpaces and Flows

Step Two:

*The Sustainability bookstore has been used as an example in this guide, please navigate to the correct bookstore for the research network you are interested in accessing.

Once you have arrived at the bookstore, select the “Log-in” link at the top right hand corner:

Accessing Journals 1

Step Three:

On the following screen log in to your CGPublisher account:

Accessing Journals 2

Step Four:

Once you have logged in, all of the electronic versions of all articles within your community bookstore should have a “download” button next to them

Accessing Journals 3

Step Five:

From here you can browse articles, or locate a specific article with the search bar at the top of the page. Once you have located the article you are interested in, select the “Download” button. This will lead you to the abstract page, where you will select the “Download” button again to obtain a PDF copy of the article.

Accessing Journals 4


My membership or registration is from 2013 or earlier – why don’t I have access?

Memberships expire one year after the date of the conference. Therefore, if you have a membership from 2013 or earlier, you will need to renew your membership in order to gain access to the journals.

My Membership/Registration is current, I have logged in, and I am still unable to download complimentary electronic versions of articles, can you help?

Yes, we are happy to help, please contact us.

I am an author – do I get a free print version of my article?

No, unfortunately we are unable to offer free print copies of our journals to authors. However, as an author you are eligible for a discount of $25. To receive this discount, log into your CGPublisher account, locate the print journal you would like to purchase, and select “Purchase”.