How to use Common Ground's Editing Services for Articles

Have your article fully edited and converted to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Step-by-Step Guide

Have your article fully edited and converted to the sixteenth edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Common Ground Research Networks is pleased to offer editing services for authors who would like to have their work professionally edited. Authors may request editing services prior to the initial submission of their article or after the refereeing process. In some cases, referees may recommend that an article be edited as a condition of publication. The services offered below can help authors during the revision stage, before the final submission of their article.

What We Do

For $0.05 USD per word, one of our in-house copy editors will:

  • Correct spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors;
  • Revise for clarity, readability, logic, awkward word choice, and phrasing;
  • Check for typos and formatting inconsistencies; and
  • Confirm proper use of Chicago Manual of Style.

What We Don’t Do
  • Add content to your article.
  • Verify references.

What We Need From You:
  • Your article, abstract, and author bio-note.

Our Guarantee:

If an article that we have edited is rejected by a Common Ground Research Networks journal on purely English language grounds, you can receive either a full refund or have your article re-edited free of charge. However, if you make alterations to your article after we edit it or choose not to accept our recommended revisions, you are not eligible for a refund or free re-editing.

Our Copyeditors:

Common Ground’s copyeditors are all native English speakers with extensive editing experience and excellent communication skills.

The Process:
  1. Contact us, attaching your full article, to express your interest in having your article edited.
  2. The Managing Editor of the journal will review your article and provide you with a quote.
  3. Once you accept the quote, the Managing Editor will assign a copyeditor to your article.
  4. Within 14-21 business days of your confirmed payment, you will receive a copy of your edited article via email.


Please note that this service is not mandatory for publication in a Common Ground Research Networks journal. Using this service does not guarantee acceptance for publication, nor are you obliged to submit your edited article to a Common Ground Research Networks journal.


My Final Submission is due soon, will my deadline be extended if I choose to have my article edited?

Yes. Our Publishing department will extend the deadline for your final submission should you choose to have your article edited through Common Ground Research Networks.

My initial submission was rejected, and I have been asked to have my article professionally edited. Do I have to use Common Ground's editing services?

No. You are welcome to have your article edited however you wish. You are not obligated to use our services.