How to Complete and Submit a Referee Report

How to complete and submit a referee report.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to complete and submit a referee report.

Step One: Downloading your assigned article

If you have been assigned as a referee to a work, you will receive an email with all of the information needed to complete your report. Please read this email thoroughly, as it contains plenty of helpful information about how to review the article assigned to you once you have downloaded it.

To download your report, follow the first link in the email:

In the window that opens, select the file next to "Document for Referee"(Please note, you may be asked to log in to CGPublisher. Once you log in, you will be redirected to this page):

This will download the file directly to your computer. If prompted, choose a place to save the file that is easy for you to locate. Otherwise, look for the file in your downloads folder.

Step Two: Completing your report
The file you have just downloaded includes an introduction to the refereeing process, followed by the referee report and then the paper itself.

Read the paper and complete the referee report form. If you are giving the paper a relatively high score, detailed comments are not necessary, although authors always appreciate comments and suggestions. If you give the paper a score below 75 percent on any criterion, however, you must explain the rationale for your score. Please note it is our policy not to vet or alter the referees' comments prior to returning the report to the author.

Make annotations to the paper if you wish, using some method for clearly differentiating your text from the author's, such as block letters, a different colored text or the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word. If you use Track Changes, we will ensure that your identity is not revealed. Once you have finished, save the file to your computer and something different from the original file, so that you do not accidentally submit the unreviewed document.

Step Three: Submitting your Report

Once you have completed your report, you will need to submit it in CGPublisher. To do so, go back to the email you received that assigned you to the work, and select the second link provided:

From the page that opens, select "Upload Referee Report" (Please note, you may be asked to log in to CGPublisher. Once you log in, you will be redirected to this page):

On the next page, select the "Choose File" button, select your completed report, and select "Open". Then, choose your report status (accept or reject - if you are unsure whether it is an "accept" or "reject" please reference your Referee Report Summary Sheet included with your assignment), then select "Submit report to Publisher":

At this point, your referee report is complete. You should receive a confirmation email shortly letting you know that we have received your report.


I didn't agree to be a reviewer

As part of our publishing agreement, authors agree to review at least three papers per author. From the moment you initially submit an article to us until when that article is published, you (and your coauthors, if applicable) are eligible to be assigned as peer reviewers, each receiving at least three reports to complete. Also, if you have signed up to be a volunteer reviewer with Common Ground Research Networks, then there may not be a limit to the number of articles you are asked to review.

I cannot complete my referee report

If you are unable to complete your referee report, please let us know as early as possible so that we can continue the publishing process on the article you have been assigned. Please note that we will continue to assign referee assignments to you until you have completed your three agreed upon assignments, or you have asked to be removed from our volunteer referee list.

How long do I have in order to complete my report?

We give reviewers 2 weeks to complete their referee reports. If you do not think you will be able to complete your assignment in this period of time,please let us know and we will remove you as a referee from the work.