How to Make your Article Open Access

Make your article freely accessible to non-subscribers.

Step-by-Step Guide

Use this guide to walk you through the steps to register for the Open Access option for your published article

Please Note: If you have already completed your registration for the year of your article proposal, then you will need to contact us directly in order to add Hybrid Open Access to your CGPublisher account.

Step One:

If you have not yet registered, but would like to go ahead and purchase open access, then you may do so when you are completing the steps on the Register for A Conference step by step guide. Simply choose “Hybrid Open Access Option” from the Tours and Extras section of the registration page:

Once you have completed your registration and your payment has been processed, then your article will be given Open Access.


What is Open Access?

Open Access is a new development, increasingly offered by both university presses and well-known commercial publishers. Open Access means that articles are made available at no charge to anyone searching the web. Authors pay an additional fee for the open access option. They may do this because open access is a requirement of their research funding agency. Or they may do it so that non-subscribers can access their article for free.

How much does Open Access cost?

Common Ground’s open access charge is $250 per article, a very reasonable price compared to our hybrid open access competitors and purely open access journals that are resourced with an author publication fee. Electronic papers are normally only available through individual or institutional subscriptions or for purchase at $5 per article. However, if you choose to make your paper Open Access, this means that anyone on the web may download it for free.