Submitting an Article to the Journal

Steps to Journal Article Publication

Step-by-Step Guide

Unsure how to begin with submitting your work to our Journals? This step-by-step guide will assist you along the way.

Step One:

Are you presenting at a Common Ground conference?

  • —NO—
    Please proceed to Step Two
  • —YES—
    If you are attending a conference and you submitted a conference proposal this is not the guide for you. Your journal article submission must be submitted through the conference proposal page. The guide linked here will show you the steps to follow for submitting to the journal for using your conference proposal:

Step Two:

Have you read the "Article Submission Requirements" and revised your initial submission to meet the listed criteria?

  • —NO—
    Please read the "Article Submission Requirements" and revise your initial submission to meet the listed criteria. Articles which do not meet the criteria will be returned for revision.
  • —YES—
    Please Proceed to Step Three

Step Three:

Do you know which journal or Research Network you plan to submit your journal article?

  • —NO—
    Please review the list of Research Networks and journals by visiting our website.

*Note: Submitting the same article to multiple journals or Research Networks is prohibited.

Step Four:

After you submit your full paper, it will will be checked for the Article Submission Requirements. Article submissions which meet the criteria will be verified by CGRN Staff and then enter peer review process. For additional information about peer review and the entire publication process, please visit the links below.


May I submit more than one article?

As a matter of fairness, authors may submit only one article on which they are listed as the first author per community per year. However, we will accept multiple submissions from a single individual as long as that individual is the primary author on only one article and each other author is also a community member. We will accept multiple submissions across multiple communities, as long as the author joins each community.

Do I have to submit separate proposals for article submission and presentation at the conference?

No. If you have an accepted proposal for the conference, and you would like to submit a paper for potential publication on the same topic, you may submit your paper under your already accepted proposal.

Is there a publishing fee?

Common Ground’s sustainability model includes a modest knowledge community membership fee, which includes a number of benefits, including the opportunity to publish one article per year in the journal collection connected with the research network. Conference registration includes a membership fee from the date of registration until one year after the conference. If you are not attending but wish to publish an article, we offer a stand-alone membership, which also lasts from the date of registration until one year after the conference.

Do you accept material published in other journals?

No, we cannot accept articles that have been previously published in other journals. However, we do understand that many submissions may be evolutions of previously published works. For this reason, we allow submissions to consist of no more than 30% previously published material.