Proposal for Article Submission vs. Proposal for Presentation


The main difference between proposals for article submission and proposals for presentation is that a proposal for presentation allows you to present at the conference and submit an article for potential publication in the journal. A proposal for article submission is a direct application to submit to the journal, and must be accepted before you can submit your full article for potential publication.

All accepted proposals are eligible but are not required to submit a full paper for potential publication in the journal.

Proposal for Presentation

Proposals for in-person presentations at the conference may be submitted as one of 6 types: 1) Paper Presentation (which will be scheduled as part of a Themed Session or Roundtable Discussion); 2) Workshop/Interactive Presentation; 3) Poster or Exhibit; 4) Colloquium 5) Virtual Poster 6) Virtual lightning talk.

Proposal for Article Submission

If your proposal for article submission is accepted, you may submit an article for potential publication at any time. Before your article can be published, you will need to become a member of the research network. For more information about article publication, please click here.


Can I still submit an article if I have a proposal for presentation?

Yes. All accepted proposals, regardless of type, are eligible to submit a full article for potential publication in the journal.

I can't attend the conference, but I am interested in presenting virtually, what type of proposal should I submit?

If you cannot attend the conference, but you're interested in one of our virtual options, then you should submit a proposal for presentation and indicate "Virtual" in the options during submission.

How many proposals can I present at the conference?

As a matter of fairness and as a function of the scheduling process, each presented paper must have a separately registered author. For instance, in the case of three registered presenters of a single paper, each may co-author up to three presented papers, but there must be three registered participants—with at least one person available to present each of the three papers. In other words, there must be at least one in-person registration per paper presented at the conference.

When can I submit my full article for potential publication?

Once your proposal has been accepted, you may submit your article at any time before, during, or after the conference. If you are not attending the conference, then you may submit your full article at any time after your proposal has been accepted.

Do you publish Conference Proceedings?

We do not publish conference proceedings. Instead, all individuals with an accepted proposal are eligible to submit an article for potential publication in the journal.