Partial Open Access

The book publishing industry is being transformed.

No longer is a bookstore or library the primary place to access your content. We are seeing the rise of new spaces and platforms for distributing research. As your publisher, the representative of your content, we want to deliver your research to the broadest audience, while maximizing your author royalties. Thus, we need to respond to the opportunities of the age.
One of the ways we are doing this is by launching a new initiative: Partial Open Access.

What is Partial Open Access?

Partial Open Access allows for one, or several, of the chapters of your book to be made Open Access, meaning freely available. This will also free any “Partial Open Access” chapter(s) of copyright restriction, allowing for use in other non-commercial formats. Partial Open Access has the following benefits:

  • Chapter(s) will be free to download in Common Ground Research Networks’ Scholar Bookstore.
  • We will use the Partial Open Access chapter(s) in targeted promotions of your book within our research networks; with the aim of increasing visibility and sales of your title.
  • Making chapter(s) of your book "Partial Open Access" would allow you to share the chapter(s) on and

We are currently charging a flat fee of US$250 for each chapter made Partial Open Access. The price for multiple chapters or entire works is negotiable. If you are interested in multiple chapter open access, please visit the CGScholar Knowledge Base for more information. For more information, including how to register a chapter for open access using, please visit the link below.

How to Make a Book Partial Open Access