Creator is a powerful, minimalist editor. (Technically, it’s a “semantic editor” because there is nothing that does not have an explicit meaning.) Creator is powerful as a result of its capacity to include inline any digital media. (Speaking in semiotic terms, it’s “multimodal.”) That includes text, live links, math, image, video, audio, dataset, and in fact any digital object, as well as embedded external media, from YouTube videos to GitHub code.

The most powerful space for knowledge representations available today, Creator leaves behind the limitations of word processors (gone is their clutter), and PDFs (gone is their inflexibility). Gone also is the cacophony of documents and folders. Instead we have the “work.” And from this work, users can generate web pages and PDFs whenever they or their audiences need them.

Creator is also social—the work is on the left of the screen, and social dialogue about the work on the right. But, unlike the chaos of the jumping cursor in online “docs,” the social interactions are organized—peer reviews that are nicely structured and connected with versions, annotations that are easy to read and clearly coded, and publication recommendations.

Creator Features:

• The first truly multimodal working space.

• A well-organized social space, where versions are preserved so peer review comments continue to make sense, even when the creator has moved on to a new version.

• Human feedback (reviews, annotations and recommendations) and machine feedback (the natural language processing checker).

• Outputs to web and PDF as and when needed.

• A natural language processing “checker” that does not presume things to be right or wrong but makes coded change suggestions.