Updating Your Profile in CG Scholar

Use this guide to update your bio or personal information

Step-by-Step Guide

How to update your biographical information, personal information, and general user account settings in CG Scholar.

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This guide will walk you through how to update your personal information and biography in CG Scholar. All members must complete their member profile by filling out their experience and contact information. Only those members with this information added to their profile will have their affiliation displayed in any conference materials including the conference program.

Step One:

  • Login or create a CG Scholar Account by clicking here.

Step Two:

  • Once logged in, navigate to the gold bar with your name on the left hand side. Hover over your name and select, ‘About’ from the drop down menu.

Step Three:

  • Please fill out your profile, specifically the ‘Experience’ and ‘Contact’ sections by clicking the blue ‘Add’ button next to each section.

Step Four:

  • Be sure to select the radio button 'Use this address for my current affiliation'. Once you’ve added the necessary information, click ‘save address’


Is this information public? What will show up in Conference materials?

We will only use your current affiliation - be sure to select 'Present' for your current affiliation. For conference materials we will only use your city, state/province and country.

How can I protect my information on Scholar?

You can disable what contact information is visible on your Scholar account by clicking on the Settings tab under the gold bar with your name.

What is the recommend privacy setting for my Scholar account?

We recommend that you do not use Private for your account setting because Admins will be unable to fully assist you.