​Creating Your Virtual Lightning Talk

​Creating your virtual lightning talk for an upcoming Common Ground conference.


Virtual Lightning Talks are 5-minute video presentations designed for presenters who are not able to be present in-person at the conference, enabling participants to present and engage with colleagues from afar.

Please note that this is not a live stream (e.g. Skype) presentation.
Features of Lightning Talk
  • Your Lightning Talk should be a 5-minute video presentation. All Lightning talks are presented on our community YouTube channel.
  • Your talk can be a Lecture or PowerPoint video:
    • Lecture style is a more traditional format, with the video featuring the speaker on screen during the talk, rather than audio playing over a power point or visual aid.
    • PowerPoint style uses images or another presentation format as the feature of the video, with voice recorded over the presentation/images.
  • When sending your YouTube link, please make sure that the video is set to public view.
  • Your video should be recorded with a minimum resolution of at least 720p (HD).
  • Your final presentation should be uploaded no later than one month prior to the start date of the conference. For example, if the conference dates are 1-3 June, your final presentation must be uploaded 1 May. Any Virtual Lighting Talks received after this date will not be featured at the conference.
Tips for Turning Your PowerPoint into a Video:
  • Follow the "turning a powerpoint into a video" help guide.
Instructions for Uploading Your Presentation to the YouTube Channel:
To be included in the presentation, a functioning link to the video must be sent to support@cgnetworks.org


Where do I send the link to my virtual lightning talk?

Please send all links to virtual lightning talks to support@cgnetworks.org.

What happens to my virtual lightning talk after the conference?

All lightning talks are displayed on Common Ground's YouTube channel, and listed on the History page of the Research Network.