Does Common Ground offer fee waivers or financial support to attend conferences?


Fee Waivers & Financial Support

Common Ground Conferences do not attract any form of government or corporate sponsorship. We also do not receive financial support from any tertiary institutional partners. Thus, we do not have the budget to provide this form of assistance.

We are also unfortunately unable to assist our delegates with other means of financial support or travel grants.

Emerging Scholar Awards

We do waive the registration fee in the case of the Emerging Scholar Award. There are a limited number of fee waivers available, and they are provided for full time graduate students who are unable to attract institutional support and have been granted our Emerging Scholar Award.

When applying for the Emerging Scholar Award, applicants must make a case as to why they are in need of this waiver during their initial application process. Applications will be ranked on the merits of each case, and in the order that they are received.

To apply for the Emerging Scholar Award, please follow the instructions here.