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An outline of the book publication process from proposal submission to publication and promotion.

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The Publication Process

Authors interested in publishing a book manuscript with Common Ground can review the complete process for publication as described in the steps below.

Step 1: Submit a Book Proposal

All book proposals must be made using the Book Proposal Form and include all required materials.

Step 2: Proposal Review | Proposal Decision

Proposal Review

After receiving your book proposal, our editorial staff will review the scope of your proposed book. At this time, we may decide to send the book proposal out for peer review before determining if the proposal is accepted.

Proposal Decision

The proposal decision will determine if your book proposal is accepted or declined. If we accept your proposal, we will then ask for the final manuscript. The final manuscript must then pass a two way anonymous peer review to be accepted for publication.

Step 3: Manuscript Delivery

After receiving the full manuscript, we then will format the text before sending it out for peer review.

Step 4: Two Way Anonymous Peer Review

When both reviewer reports are returned you will be notified by email and provided with the reviewer reports. At this time, we will also inform you of the publication decision based on the peer review results.

Step 5: Book Contract | Manuscript Delivery

Book Contract

If your book manuscript has been accepted or accepted with revisions, you will then be provided with a book contract. Your contract will include a due date for the delivery of your final manuscript.

Manuscript Delivery

After completing the contract, you will provide the final version of the manuscript including any edits or changes made as a result of peer review comments or feedback.

Step 6: Copy Edits | Typeset Proof | Cover Design

Copy Edits

Next, our editorial staff will inspect the manuscript and apply edits for punctuation, citation formatting, text styles, or page layouts as needed.

Typeset Proof

Books with an index will require that the proof for the main/body text is approved by the authors and made final before the book can be paginated. After the main/body text is paginated and made final, the index can be numbered and completed.

Cover Design

The book cover design and layout will be made according the Common Ground's in-house style template and will include the name, logo, and color schemes of the Research Network Book Imprint. Before the cover is designed, you will provide the text for back cover and other descriptive material for promotions. You can provide an image for the front cover or select an image from our CG photo gallery, but the front cover image must be approved for use by Common Ground.

Step 7: Publication | Book Promotion


Books are published to our CG Scholar Bookstore and include a registered DOI permalink. Be sure to keep your CG Scholar profile up-to-date and add your ORCID iD to maximize your book visibility.

Book Promotion

Published books will be available in our CG Scholar Bookstore as well as several other locations in electronic format, such as EBSCO eBook Database. After publication, your book will be promoted through our Research Networks via email newsletters. New books will also be showcased as the Featured Book on the Research Network website. In addition, new books will also be promoted by the Research Network on various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.