Register to Attend a Conference

Registering for a Conference Using CGScholar

Step-by-Step Guide

Common Ground is now using CGScholar for our conferences! To assist with this transition, please use this guide to register for a conference.

Step One:

Navigate to the website of the conference of your choice and select the 'Registration' tab from the menu bar.

Step Two:

The 'Registration' tab will have an overview of all available conference with a breakdown of prices corresponding with registration deadlines. Please note that deadlines update automatically and the system will display the price of the current registration deadline. To register, select the blue REGISTER button at the bottom of the table of the registration option of your choice.

If you are registering for the following registration types, you will need to submit a registration request. Please use the corresponding step-by-step guides hyperlinked below:

Step Three:

You will be taken to the following screen (banner will change depending on conference). If you already have a CGScholar account, please log in at this time using the prompt box under Registration Options and Extras. If you do not have a CGScholar account, select the radio button next to 'I need a Scholar Account' and proceed*.

*If you are unsure of whether you already have a CGScholar account or not, please contact our support team at

Step Four:

After you have logged into your CGScholar account or created a CGScholar account as a first-time user, scroll down on the same page. You will see a list of registration options with descriptions, quantity, price, and total sum columns.

For regular full conference, one-day, and virtual registration types, users can select the number of each registration that they would like in the quantity column. If you encounter the 'Request' button in the Quantity column, please refer to the hyperlinked registration guides in Step Two.

Step Five:

After selecting the registration type of your choice, you can proceed to checkout (NOTE: Only users who are logged into their CGScholar account can proceed with registration. New users should create their CGScholar account and then complete the registration process).

On the checkout page, you will see an overview of your registration, as well as a second box with payment methods.

1. Payment via Credit Card: If you are paying by credit card, you will see the screen below.

2. Payment by Check: if you are paying via check, you will need to complete the following information:

3. Payment by Bank Transfer: if you are completing the registration via bank transfer, you will need to complete the following information to complete your registration:

4. Register and Pay Later: Common Ground also has an option to 'Register and Pay Later' under the primary payment options. This is ideal if you are creating your registration but cannot pay at time of registration and/or if you are having a sponsor, such as your institution, pay for your registration. If you are paying for your registration, select the 'Self (I will pay)' radio button and click 'Register' to create your registration.

If you are having a sponsor pay, select the 'Sponsor' radio button and complete the requested details (visible below).

Users who register themselves will receive a confirmation email once a registration is created and/or a registration is complete. Adding a 'Payable by Sponsor' to a registration will send the sponsor an email with a link to complete payment. Conference extras can either be added at time of registration or after a user has a paid registration. If users encounter any trouble, please contact our support staff at:

All purchases, including conference registrations, are subject to our refund policy. Common Ground Research Networks' refund policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions, under '5. Cancellations/Refund Policy'. Users can find our complete terms and conditions, along with our refund policy on this page.


When should I register?

If you plan to present at the conference, and have submitted a conference proposal, register as soon as possible after your proposal has been accepted. Note that your presentation cannot be scheduled until you have indicated your intention to attend by completing your registration and paying your registration fees. In scheduling your presentation, we assume that you will be attending the entire conference and will be available to present on any day. If that is not the case, please contact us with your scheduling request, including your registration number and proposal number, when you have completed the registration process, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If you are attending the conference but not presenting, you may register at any time prior to the conference start date as a "non-presenter".

What are the registration types and fees?

Registration fees vary depending on the date of your payment, i.e., during Early, Regular, or Late Registration periods. These dates are listed on the Registration page on each research network website. Please note that some networks may offer specific registration types, and summaries of these registration types will be available on the registration page of the network website.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by bank transfer, credit card or check. All payments must be in US dollars (USD)

Can I pay for my registration at the conference?

You may pay your registration fees when you arrive at the conference. However, please be aware that we cannot schedule your presentation until your registration is paid in full. Thus if you choose to pay when you arrive, that is when you will receive your presentation time. Your presentation will not be included in the printed version of the conference program but will appear in a posting at the conference and in the final version of the online program. Also, we may be limited in the types of sessions which still have space and will need to schedule your presentation into whatever times and session type (themed session or roundtable) are available. For these reasons, it is much preferred for payment to be made prior to arrival at the conference.

Can I use the virtual registration or virtual student registration option?

Virtual registration is reserved for those who are presenting a Virtual Lightning Talk or a Virtual Poster presentation. These delegates are not attending the conference in-person. If you are attending a conference in-person, you need to register using one of the other registration types.

How do I access my registration?

Registrations and proposals can be accessed / updated through the 'My Events' page in a user's CGScholar account. 'My Events' is located in the drop-down menu under the golden bar with a user's name and in the drop-down menu under 'Logged in as User's Name' at the top of the page.