Submitting a Book Proposal

How to submit a proposal to one of the Common Ground Book Imprints.

Step-by-Step Guide

Review our publishing model and imprints.

A. Types of Proposals

Common Ground Research Networks accepts the following proposals:

  • Single and Multi-author Books
  • Edited Collections
  • Classics with New Introductions
  • Curated Series

Please note we do not publish theses. If you convert your thesis to book format, we will review proposals for that as well. However, we will not review a thesis if sent in before converting it to a book.

B. Files to Submit

To submit a complete proposal we need:

  • A Completed Book Proposal Form
  • The CV of the Corresponding Author/Editor
  • The CVs of any other Primary Authors and Editors
  • An Introductory Chapter (5 to 10 pages explaining the theory and research for the manuscript)
  • Two to Three Sample Chapters, Intended for Inclusion in the Complete Manuscript (For edited collections or curated series only the editor(s) introduction is required)

If you are ready to submit, please send us your proposal files. Once your proposal is reviewed, we will let you know our decision.