Meet the Authors - Differences at Work (7 April 2021)

  • 2021-04-06

We invite you to engage with the authors of "Differences At Work: Practicing Critical Diversity Literacy" on 7 April 2021 (10:00AM CST USA).

Differences at Work: Practicing Critical Diversity Literacy is part of the movement around the world to deepen the practice of organizational transformation and improve conceptual approaches to diversity in ever-changing and often confusing contexts. The increasing interconnectedness of communities has profoundly changed how society is imagined, making the study of the construction of and relation to our differences an area of academic priority. This book is written as a step-by-step manual for practitioners of diversity within organizations and brings the day-to-day management of organizations into meaningful conversation with cutting-edge social science. We see the process of people learning to respect and even value the differences between them as being the development of a reading practice: a kind of literacy. The choice of the word "literacy" reflects our belief that almost anybody can learn the language of critical diversity. It need not require a particular moral or political starting point; it is a skill, and can thus be taught. Diversity is of course a highly politicized area of investigation. Differences in gender identification and permissible speech around racial and sexual differences are among the most divisive and partisan issues in the public sphere. After exploring the overarching theoretical and historical concerns, the book builds the case for a critical approach to diversity management. It provides guidelines for "selling" critical diversity literacy to management; outlines a theory of change for organizations; provides guidelines for meeting resistance; and ends with a chapter that addresses how to design and implement interventions.