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There are several ways you can learn how to use CGScholar:

  • Just get into it! Look for the tooltips and [?] embedded help. Also, when you start in Creator, you’ll find a sample “Welcome to Creator” work.
  • Take the “Getting Started in Scholar” Learning Module, which you will find in the Scholar Bookstore. You can also post this content to any community, either as a complete tutorial for new users, or separate updates as needed.
  • View the series of video tutorials created by Reda Sadki.
  • For more information about the educational applications of Scholar, click here.

CGScholar Overview

1.1 Introducing CGScholar
1.2 Navigating CGScholar
1.3 Logging Into CGScholar


2.1 Setting up your Community Profile
2.2 Creating an Update in Community
2.3 Sharing Your Profile
2.4 Shares and Published Works
2.5 Peers and Communities
2.6 Participating in Community


3.1 Starting a Work in Creator
3.2 Using the Creator Workspace
3.3 Using the Structure Tool
3.4 Submitting a Draft
3.5 Offering Feedback
3.6 Revising a Work for Publication


4.1 Introducing Analytics
4.2 Knowledge Metrics
4.3 Focus Metrics
4.4 Help Metrics

The Learning Module

5.1 Finding and Using Learning Modules
5.2 Creating a Learning Module
5.3 Designing a Survey
5.4 Adding a Project and a Survey to a Learning Module

Admin Tutorials

A1.3 Logging into CGScholar
A2.6 Creating a Community
A3.1 Getting Creators Started in a Project
A3.4 Managing a Project
A3.6 Publishing and Republishing a Work
A4.1 Setting up Analytics
A4.2.1 Knowledge Settings
A4.3 Focus Settings
A4.4 Help Settings