Register to Attend a Conference

How to register for a conference through CGPublisher

Step-by-Step Guide

If you're ready to register to attend the conference, but unsure where to begin, let us assist you with this step by step guide to completing your registration.

Step One:

To register for the conference, first navigate to the website for the conference you will be attending and select “The Conference 20XX” from the menu on the top of your screen, then click "Registration". Once you have reached the registration page, determine your desired registration type before selecting “Log in to Register”.

Step Two:

This screen that appears will offer you two options. If you are an existing user of CGPublisher - if you have previously made an order, submitted a proposal, or registered for a membership or conference attendance - then log in using Option 1 and select Login Now. If you are a new user, proceed to Option 2, typing in your name and contact details:

Step Three:

Once you have completed step two, scroll down to select your registration type, then:

  • Continue through the registration page, providing your contact details and an alternative email address (optional)
  • Select your payment method and, if you have chosen to pay by credit card, supply your card information. Please be sure to double check the information before you submit your proposal. If you are making a credit card payment from overseas, please be sure that you have contacted your bank to authorize payment. You are also welcome to pay by check or bank transfer.
  • Once you have completed the form select the “Move to Confirmation” button

Step Three:

You will be directed to a confirmation screen. Please double check all of your information here before selecting “Submit Registration” :

Step Four:

Option 1: If you have registered as an existing user, then you will be taken to a final confirmation screen. This screen contains your registration number, as well as important information about supplying payment information. You will ALSO receive a confirmation email containing this information. Please note: Common Ground processes all credit cards manually. If you have provided Credit Card information during this process, then we have received your payment information. Your confirmation email may give you instructions on how to provide payment information, however, disregard this if you have already done so. You will receive an emailed receipt once your payment has been processed.

Option 2: If you have created a new CGPublisher account during this process, you will be directed to an “account pending confirmation” screen:

If you see this screen then your registration has been submitted and you will receive a confirmation email. Before you can view your registration, you will need to follow the instructions in your account confirmation email in order to activate your account and confirm your registration.


When should I register?

If you plan to present at the conference, and have submitted a conference proposal, register as soon as possible after your proposal has been accepted. Note that your presentation cannot be scheduled until you have indicated your intention to attend by completing your registration and paying your registration fees. In scheduling your presentation, we assume that you will be attending the entire conference and will be available to present on any day. If that is not the case, please contact us with your scheduling request, including your registration number and proposal number, when you have completed the registration process, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If you are attending the conference but not presenting, you may register at any time prior to the conference start date as a "non-presenter".

What are the registration types and fees?

Registration fees vary depending on the date of your payment, i.e., during Early, Regular, or Late Registration periods. These dates are listed on the Registration page on each research network website. Please note that some networks may offer specific registration types, and summaries of these registration types will be available on the registration page of the network website.

How do I pay my conference registration fee?

Registration fees are paid as part of the registration process in CGPublisher. If you registered for the conference without completing the payment information, you may go back and enter payment later. However, your conference presentation will not be scheduled until you have paid your registration fees.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by bank transfer, credit card or check. All payments must be in US dollars (USD)

Can I pay for my registration at the conference?

You may pay your registration fees when you arrive at the conference. However, please be aware that we cannot schedule your presentation until your registration is paid in full. Thus if you choose to pay when you arrive, that is when you will receive your presentation time. Your presentation will not be included in the printed version of the conference program but will appear in a posting at the conference and in the final version of the online program. Also, we may be limited in the types of sessions which still have space and will need to schedule your presentation into whatever times and session type (themed session or roundtable) are available. For these reasons, it is much preferred for payment to be made prior to arrival at the conference.